Jul 5 2019

27th International Input-Output Association Conference

The E3-India team shared early results from new research aimed at evaluating the socio-economic outcomes of meeting India's Nationally Determined Commitments under the Paris Accord. Initial results reveal overall positive impacts at the national level, but also underscore the adverse social impacts in coal-bearing states already identified as climate hotspots. The research forms a crucial foundation for the development of effective state level climate policy in India.
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May 27 2019

Applied Energy “A+B” Symposium

Using the E3-India model to analyze the socio-economic impact of meeting India's Nationally Determined Commitments, Dr. Joshi and Dr. Mukhopadhyay argue that the 1.5°C pathway offers greater growth and development opportunities than the 2°C pathway. Overall, the national impact on income generation, employment and government revenue is positive. However, adverse social impacts in coal-bearing states will need to be addressed to build the policy consensus needed to ensure deep decarbonization.  
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Aug 28 2018

58th Congress European Regional Science Association

We presented a paper on a framework to assess the robustness and consistency of integrated assessment models at this meeting of national regional science associations. The congress involves wide participation by academicians, policy professionals, and researchers in spatial economics and planning, regional and local development, and related issues.
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Jun 25 2018

26th International Input Output Conference

At this conference we presented on applications of E3-India for mapping regional economic impacts of renewable capacity addition targets. The host organization is an informal worldwide network of economists, government officials, engineers, and managers with interests in input-output analysis and associated modelling techniques.
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May 29 2018

12th Regional World Congress of Regional Science Association International

Our three-paper panel at this meeting introduced E3-India as an evidence-based integrated regional model for policy planning and analysis in India. The host organization is an international community of scholars interested in the regional impacts of national or global processes of economic and social change.
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E3-India is a collaborative initiative by the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP) and Cambridge Econometrics (CE).


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